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Family Relationships

Women often talk to us about any relationship issues they may be experiencing with their family. At WIRE we give women support on general family issues, as well as dealing with family/domestic violence.

Relationship or marriage break-ups can also be difficult and complex for any woman to deal with. When women consider leaving their partners or have been left by them, many of them contact us to discuss their options and get practical information about their finances, housing and children.

Family Violence: What you can do for yourself and your family

Family violence and abuse is a growing and recognised problem for women. Nobody has the right to abuse or control you. If you are experiencing or know someone experiencing domestic violence, this booklet provides information on getting legal advice, protecting yourself and your children, and the help and support services available in Victoria. (Kindly funded by the City of Melbourne)

Family Violence Info Booklet PDF (263 KB)

Money problems with your partner? Dealing with financial abuse

Many people think of family violence as physical injury or emotional abuse. However, withholding money, controlling all the household spending or refusing to include you in financial decisions is often part of family violence and is called economic or financial abuse.

Women from all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds with or without children can experience financial abuse. Controlling the money is a common aspect of family violence, and can happen to any woman regardless of her financial ability or knowledge. (Kindly funded by the Victoria Law Foundation)

Money problems with your partner? Dealing with financial abuse Info Booklet PDF (297 KB)

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This page was last updated on Wednesday, July 1, 2015.
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