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Tell us your story! #CallOutSexism

  • When did you first realise that you were treated differently because you are female?
  • What are some ways we can call out sexist behaviour in our daily lives?
  • What have you done that works? Or hasn’t worked?
  • How did your experience make you feel?

Sharing your personal story will encourage others to reflect on their own experiences with sexism. Naming sexism is an important first step. By discussing sexism openly we can better support each other and share ways we can stop violence, abuse and discrimination against women.

We invite you to share your story!

In continuing to turn up the volume on gender discrimination, we invite you to share YOUR personal story as a woman living in Australia.

You can easily share your experience with other women in our WIRE community and beyond, by posting your personal story on

Read about WIRE’s guidelines on posting comments.

Share your story here #CallOutSexism

You can remain anonymous or simply put an initial in place of your name. You can also email your story to and we can post your story on our blog on your behalf.

Thank you!

Need more help and support?

Should you need further support and help in discussing your situation (free and confidentially), please feel free to


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